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Kadiska Documentation Center

Welcome to Kadiska!

If you are new to Kadiska, please refer to the "Getting started" main section. If you are catching up on the changes in Kadiska, check out our news in the "What's new" main section.

Just want to know more about how Kadiska works? Please refer to the following topics under "Product documentation" main section:

  • Licensing: learn how product licenses usage is being monitored and how you can configure your environment accordingly
  • Kadiska components: learn about the different software components that make Kadiska unique
  • Experience metrics: learn all the details about how RUM (Real User Monitoring) data are being computed
  • Network metrics: learn how Kadiska measures network performances through synthetic testing

Finally, if you want to know more about how to use Kadiska, please refer to the "User guide" main section.

You do not find the information you need or would like to contact us? Drop us an email to:

  • to reach our commercial team
  • to reach our technical team

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