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Release Note: July 2023

New sites/gateway integration for Tracer

As of today, when you configured an Enterprise Station or a Fleet, you had to configure its location.
Even if it makes sense in most of the cases for an Enterprise Station deployment, devices that are part of a Fleet are often supposed to move from one site to another.

Furthermore, lots of organizations want to use one unified Fleet (so one configuration in their MDM solution) to deploy all devices at once.

With this end in view, we have integrated the concept of sites and gateways you already know for the Watcher technology into the Tracer technology.
It means that your Enterprise Stations and Fleets can now be either statically assigned to a specific site, or dynamically assigned by Kadiska according to their locations and your sites and gateways configurations.

The Enterprise Station setup and Fleet setup sections of the online documentation have been updated.

Better RTT measurements visualization

When it comes to measuring the network latency through a Net-Tracer, it is always recommended to make sure the Tracer will reach the target in order to measure end-to-end values.
We have now made sure you clearly see when network latency values provided correspond to end-to-end or partial measurements.

Please refer to the following online documentation section for more information.

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