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Transfer size

Transferring data on a network takes time. Obviously, it directly drives web performances. The time it takes to transfer data on a network mainly depends on two factors:

  • The size of the data to be transferred
  • The network performance in terms of latency and packet loss

The Kadiska interface provides the size of loaded resources in the "Resources Analysis" section. This metric corresponds to the amount of data that are transferred on the network. It does not necessarily provide the actual size of the resource as this latter can be compressed.

The Transfer Size is provided by resource type (see screenshot below), host, individual resource and initiator type:

Note that the transfer size of all resources of a page (Page Transfer) is provided in the "Top Page" view. Again this metric does not provide the actual size of all resources that compose the page. It corresponds to the total amount of data that has been transferred on the network to build the page.

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