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Packet loss (node level)

In order to compute network performance metrics, like RTT and packet loss, Kadiska Stations perform Net-Tracer tests to targets. Please refer to the "RTT for intermediate nodes" paragraph of the RTT section to learn more about how these tests are performed at a node level.

For each Net-Tracer test sent by a Kadiska Station to a node/router, Kadiska counts the number of times the node does not respond. From all Net-Tracer tests, the packet loss metric, expressed in percentage, is calculated as follows: Packet loss = #no response from the node / #Net-Tracer tests to the node. Depending on the fact the node may not respond in ICMP as well as end-to-end packet loss measurements (between the Kadiska Station and the Net-Tracer target), a correction algorithm is used to ensure data consistency.

In the Kadiska interface, the packet loss at a node level can be shown on any network path. Mouseover any node in a path visualization:


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