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Watcher sessions

A new session is counted each time a user connects to a new site monitored by Kadiska.
A site is defined by protocol://site:port.

In case a user's session exceeds 15 minutes, a new session is automatically counted, as illustrated hereunder:


As shown, a 15 minutes session corresponds to effective time spent by the user on the site. When this time is exceeded for a specific session, any new hit triggered in this session will automatically trigger a new session count.

You can check the Watcher sessions license consumption by looking at the "License Usage" view of the main configuration menu.
The summary is provided in the "Summary" tab:


The details per monitored application as well as the evolution over time of this license consumption is provided in the "Watchers" tab:


Watcher sessions are only valid for in-app JavaScript deployments. Browser extension deployments do not consume session licenses!

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