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Path length (Furthest)

The Path Length is defined as the average number of hops between consecutive nodes/routers, from Kadiska Stations to a Net-Tracer target. Depending on the Net-Tracer method used, the target may be reached or not. If the target is not reached, the path length corresponds to the number of hops up to the furthest discovered router. This is why Kadiska specifies "Furthest" for this kind of metric.

In the Kadiska platform, this metric is available in all Network sections. First, in the "Network Overview" section, the path length is provided by Net-Tracer target. Switching from the bar to the timeseries view can let you see the level of BGP routes stability. In the example below, you can see that the average path length to reach the selected target is 20. Nevertheless the sparkline representation shows that the path is flipping from different routes as this number often fluctuates.


Focusing on this Net-Tracer target (filter) and moving to the next "Performance by Station" section, you can easily see for which Kadiska Station(s) these BGP routes are unstable.


Finally, The "Path Performance" section provides all details about the routes so that you can:

  • precisely see when the route length fluctuates
  • Which routes are then used, through which operators and with which level of performance

Please refer to the Network path visualization documentation section to learn more about how to select routes, select specific timeframes and get more specific data.


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