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Release Note: November 2023

Improved performance metric for user interactions

Up until now, the Core Web Vitals performance metric FID (First Input Delay) was utilized to evaluate the speed at which a user could initiate their first interaction with a web application.

However, in March 2024, Google introduced a new metric. Unlike the previous one, this metric monitors all user interactions, not just the first.
This new metric, known as INP (Interaction to Next Paint), has been added to the Kadiska platform.
It has replaced the previously used FID metric.

Please refer to the Interactivity online documentation section for more details.

New time selector

A new main time selector is now available. It offers additional capabilities like:

  • quickly retrieving the last used time ranges
  • auto-refresh of the time ranges and corresponding data
  • selection of the timezone to better align with international requirements

Please refer to the Time selector online documentation section for more details.

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