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Release Note: December 2022

Tracer support on Android devices

What is it all about?

The Kadiska Tracer technology, initially supported on Docker containers, can now also be directly deployed on Android devices.
This opens a completely new range of possibilities and use cases.
In retail for example, this allows last mile performance monitoring that remains one if the biggest performance challenges faced today. Understanding the users connectivity context (roaming between different WiFi access points and potentially 4G/5G connections) and the related impact on applications performance is key to optimize end users experience and guarantee business productivity.

In addition to the end-to-end network path visualization, Kadiska now brings full visibility into this last mile and helps organizations understand users' context, detect any degradation, assess its scope, and identify the root cause.

New "Fleet" and "Tester" concepts

In order to integrate this new capability into the Kadiska product, the concept of "Fleet" has been created.
This concept allows the configuration of a fleet of Android devices from which all Tracer tests (Net-Tracers) results will be combined to build a single network path visualization view.
Taking the example of the retail market, Android devices within one store will typically be part of a fleet, so that connectivity performances from this store to external resources like SaaS can be measured from potentially hundreds of devices simultaneously, while keeping a clear and actionable insight.

The Station concept is kept for the existing Docker based deployment.
So Kadiska needed a new naming convention to include both components (Station and Fleet). This is what we call a "Tester".
A "Tester" is the generic term that either refers to a "Station" or a "Fleet".

Fleet configuration

Deploying a Kadiska application on Android devices can be done through any Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution your organization may use.
For smaller deployments, you can also manually deploy and set up the Fleet.

The Kadiska Fleet Android application is available on the Google Play store.

When deploying the application manually, the configuration profile can easily be assigned to Android devices by reading a QR-code provided in the Kadiska Fleet configuration menu.


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