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Main principles of Sites and Gateways

Defining sites and gateways will help you differentiate applications performance based on users locations and connection services like CASBs or VPNs. Sites correspond to corporate offices from which users can work. They are often defined by internal IP addresses ranges. Sites are connected to gateways, which can be corporate routers, VPNs concentrators or CASBs. These are defined by their public IP address(es).

Once you have defined your sites and gateways, you can easily:

  1. distinguish remote users from onsite users, as shown on the following picture. Users can be grouped by ISP, continent, country, region and city. In addition, onsite users can also be grouped by sites and connected gateways.
  2. visualize network paths from users to applications. From this view, you can detect any abnormal behavior of any component in the path from users to applications. You can quickly evaluate performances according to users locations. Different performance metrics can be shown on the graph: network connectivity, errors, server time, transfer time, processing time, usage time and number of active users.

Sites and Gateways are used by Watcher and Tracer metrics.

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