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Kadiska Tester deployment on Windows

Technical requirements

The Kadiska Windows agent (called Kadiska Tester) is supported on any device running Windows 8, 10 and 11 (x64).

Important remark: The Kadiska Windows agent is not supported on Windows Servers. It is intended to be deployed on end users' devices.


Deploying the Kadiska Tester on Windows platforms is an easy process.
It is based on an .msi package that can be manually executed or added in a large scale GPO deployment.
It only requires one argument: the TESTER_KEY.

The .msi package can be downloaded from here.

Manual deployment

You need administrative privilege to install the Kadiska Tester.

To manually deploy the Kadiska Tester on a windows device, simply click on the .msi executable file.


Click on "Next".
You are then prompted to provide the Tester key.


You can find the key by navigating to the Fleet configuration view of the Fleet you have created.
Please refer to the Creation & Configuration section for more details about how to create a Fleet.
Click on the "Show Key" (1) button and then on "Copy to Clipboard" (2) to copy the Tester key in your clipboard.


Once you've filled in the Tester key, click on "Install".


Click on "Finish".

You can check if the Kadiska Tester is properly running by going to the Windows Task Manager and search for Kadiska in the "Services" tab:


Only the kd_tester_runnerservice must be running.

You can also install the Kadiska Tester by running the following command from a PowerShell command line (run PowerShell as Administrator):

msiexec /i "win-tester-installer.msi" /qn TESTER_KEY="example#eyJhbiwicVubmVyX3..."

Replace the TESTER_KEY value by your own Tester key.

Deployment through an MDM solution

The .msi package can be deployed through any type of MDM solution.
The only argument to add in the deployment configuration is the TESTER_KEY.

Changing the Tester key

According to your organizational requirements, you may want to migrate Windows devices from one Fleet to another.
To do so, you can simply launch the .msi installer, provided it is still present on your device. By selecting the first option, you can modify the key and associate your Windows device with the desired Fleet.


Alternatively, you can also run one of the following commands in PowerShell:

In case the .msi installer is still present on your device:

msiexec /fv "win-tester-installer.msi" /qn TESTER_KEY="new_key#eyJhbiwicVubmVyX3..."

In case the .msi installer is not present anymore on your device:

set-itemProperty -path "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Kadiska\runner" -name "key" -value "new_key#eyJhbiwicVubmVyX..." -force
restart-service kd_tester_runner

Uninstalling the Kadiska Tester

To uninstall the Kadiska Tester, follow the same process as for changing the Tester key and select the option "Remove". This process requires the presence of the .msi installer on the device.

Alternatively, you can also use one of the following commands in PowerShell
In case the .msi installer is still present on your device:

msiexec /x "win-tester-installer.msi" /qn

In case the .msi installer is not present anymore on your device:

msiexec /x (gp 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Kadiska\tester').productcode /qn

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