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Kadiska Testers

The Kadiska Testers perform synthetic tests to specific targets. Targets can be any domain/IP address configured as Tracer test.

Kadiska Stations can be provided as a service by Kadiska (Managed Stations) or can be deployed by a customer (Enterprise Stations and Android Fleets).

Managed Stations

Managed Stations are deployed and managed by Kadiska. According to your subscription level, you can use them to test your own targets. These targets and related data are only visible to you. Managed Stations are spread all over the world, in major Cloud Services Providers as well as at edge locations.

The naming convention for Stations deployed in a Cloud Services Provider's environment is C-CSP_Name-Location where "CSP_Name" is the name of the Cloud Services Provider and "Location" is the location of the Station. When possible, depending on the CSP Region chosen, this location can be as precise as the city. Otherwise, this corresponds to the region/state.

Stations deployed at the edge are named C-Country-City where "Country" and "City" respectively identify the country and the city where the Station is installed.

Enterprise Stations

Enterprise Stations are those that are deployed by our customers to address their specific needs. They are delivered by Kadiska as a container image that can be deployed on any platform supporting the Docker Engine.

We recommend to limit the number of Tracer tests to 100 per Station. In order to guarantee optimal operations, please make sure to install you Stations on machines with the following technical specifications:

  • 2GB RAM
  • 1GB of HDD

Please refer to this section to learn how to set up an Enterprise Station.


The Tracer technology can be deployed on Android, ChromeOS and Windows devices a Kadiska software. Multiple devices on which the Kadiska application runs are logically grouped in a fleet configuration so that all collected performance metrics are combined to provide a unified view per fleet.

Please refer to this section to learn how to set up a Fleet.

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