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Tracer test

A Tracer test is any synthetic test performed by a Kadiska Tester.
The Kadiska Tester can be one provided by Kadiska (Managed Station) or can be deployed by a customer (Enterprise Station and Fleets).

The tests that are configured in Managed Stations are automatically triggered every 5 minutes.
The interval between consecutive tests can be configured from 1 minute to 1 hour when configured on Enterprise Stations or Fleets.

In the current release of the solution, the supported tests are:

You can check the Tracers tests license consumption by looking at the "License Usage" view ("Summary" tab) of the main configuration menu:


The details for each Tracer type are also provided respectively in the "Net-Tracers" and "HTTP-Tracers" tabs:

Net-Tracer details


HTTP-Tracer details


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