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Release Note: February 2023

New Fleets dashboard

New dashboards dedicated to the fleets monitoring have been built.
For more information, please refer to the Wi-Fi and Cellular (for Fleets) online documentation section.

New error logs for Net-Tracers

The Net-Tracer configuration view shows now the error logs in a more user-friendly manner.

New API endpoint for Net-Tracers error logs collection

The new "/api/v1/config/net-tracers/{id}/logs" endpoint is now available.
It lists all logs of the given Net-Tracer.
Please refer to the online documentation for more details.

New "Rule" alerting dashboard

The Kadiska platform lets you now quickly access specific rules definition and alerts status.
This information is also available through the new "Rule" dashboard.
Please refer to the Alerts management section of the online documentation for more details.

Alerting platform is official

As the Kadiska alerting system has been thoroughly tested, the "Beta" notification has been removed.

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