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Subscription plans

Kadiska proposes three different subscription plans called "Starter", "Troubleshooter" and "Optimizer", according to organizations' specific use cases and requirements. Each plan is based on a "pay as you use" principle and is defined by the following criteria:

The three available subscription plans are summarized in the following table:

Included Starter Troubleshooter Optimizer
Platform Users 2 10 20
Applications (Watchers) 2 10 20
User-Watcher - Active Users 50 250 500
App-Watcher - Sessions 100k 200k 500k
Net-Tracer - Tests 100k 500k 1.000k
Guaranteed Data Retention 30 days 60 days 90 days
Alerter - Monitored groups 10 500 2.000
API calls 1k 5k 20k
Unlimited deployment of User-Watcher yes yes yes
Unlimited deployment of Enterprise Stations yes yes yes

In addition to each subscription plan, you can subscribe to any additional add-on to exactly fit your needs. All add-owns can be purchased separately and are available with each subscription plan. Add-ons are cumulative.

Add-ons Additional quantity
Platform Users +10
Applications (Watchers) +10 +25
User-Watcher - Active Users +500 +1.000
App-Watcher - Sessions +500k +1M
Net-Tracer - Tests +1M +5M +20M
Alerter - Monitored groups +2k +5k
API calls +5k +25k

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