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Subscription plans

Kadiska proposes three different subscription plans called "Starter", "Troubleshooter" and "Optimizer", according to organizations' specific use cases and requirements. Each plan is based on a "pay as you use" principle and is defined by the following criteria:

The three available subscription plans are summarized in the following table:

Included Starter Troubleshooter Optimizer
Platform Users 2 10 20
Applications (Watchers) 2 10 20
Active users extensions 50 250 500
Watcher - Sessions 100k 250k 500k
Tracer - Tests 100k 500k 1.000k
Endpoint Test Devices 100 250 500
Guaranteed Data Retention 30 days 60 days 90 days
Alerter - Monitored groups 10 500 2.000
API calls 1k 5k 20k
Unlimited deployment of Watcher yes yes yes
Unlimited deployment of Enterprise Stations yes yes yes

In addition to each subscription plan, you can subscribe to any additional add-on to exactly fit your needs. All add-owns can be purchased separately and are available with each subscription plan. Add-ons are cumulative.

Add-ons Additional quantity
Platform Users +10
Applications (Watchers) +10 +25
Active users extensions +500 +1.000
Watcher - Sessions +500k +1M
Tracer - Tests +1M +2M +5M +20M
Endpoint Test Devices +1k +2k +5k +10k + 20k
Alerter - Monitored groups +2k +5k
API calls +5k +25k

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